The Japanese Spider-Man Honest TV Trailer.

Every time I start to worry if I rely on Honest Trailers a little too much for content, they do something like this.

“This” being the absolutely legitimate and approved by Marvel Japanese Spider-Man TV show, and the Honest Trailer does not disappoint.  It is a little unfair to judge television programs set (wow) forty years ago by the production values (and all the other values) of today — only I don’t care because man but this is hysterical.  I was particularly struck at how ur-Power Rangers this all is, mostly because this show looks like a goram test bed for all the tropes that Toei (the producers of this Spider-Man) would later use for their shows which would later be adapted into what we call the Power Rangers.  If that sounds complicated; well, so is the relationship between American and Japanese children’s television.

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  • junior says:

    Yes, he is very much legitimate and approved by Marvel. In fact, he’s so legitimate and approved by Marvel that he appeared in the recent Spider-Verse storyline that saw Spider-Heroes from a number of different settings all appear together. And he even had his giant robot!

    To the best of my knowledge, the only Spider-Man who didn’t appear in the storyline or get a reference was the Hostess Fruit Pie Spider-Man from the old ads. They had to use a non-copyright violating look-alike for Hostess instead.

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