Walk Off The Earth 2019 tour announced.

Details here.  At a site close to me, too.  I did have tickets for the Walk Off the Earth tour earlier this year, but I was simultaneously sick and a bit down in the dumps that weekend.  Hopefully I’ll be better next time.  ‘Course, I’m probably also likely to be about twice the age of everybody else there, but I can live with that.  As long as it isn’t noise yet, I should be fine.

Moe Lane

PS: I listened to a bunch of pop music on my way back from Atlantia’s Unevent (SCA kingdom-level business meeting; I’m a baronial officer now. Just as exciting as it sounds).  It was thankfully not noise.  I even quite liked some of it.  Then again, I have forgiving tastes in music.

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  • Luke says:

    Eh. Most of the music on the radio was meh when we were young, too. We’ve just mostly forgotten the forgettable.
    I just wish popular culture (of which pop music is a part) would stop trying to shock my grandparents.
    They’re dead.
    It isn’t going to happen.
    Get over it, and try something different.
    Ok. I also wish autotune and countless spliced takes didn’t allow record labels to sign people with looks and dancing ability over bonafide musicians. (Also, lip syncing is vile.)

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