Item Seed: Skullz Commemorative Trading Cards Series 5 (2005).

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Skullz Commemorative Trading Cards Series 5 (2005)


Description: a set of 32 occult-motif trading cards the size of a standard baseball card.  Each card shows a different person (there are 18 men and 14 women in the set), dressed in fanciful looking robes and sporting an odd, ornate title.  Each card on the back has a different, elaborate design that causes nosebleeds if looked at for too long. The cards may or may not be indestructible, but you can’t cut or poke holes through them.

The Skullz Commemorative Trading Cards Series 5 (2005) showed up in an estate auction in 2011, and was auctioned off as a novelty.  They in retrospect turned out to be quite lethal; law enforcement researchers are certain that at least six people in two years died over disputed ownership of Skullz Cards.  The Federal Police Bureau finally took possession of the cards when they were brought in by a concerned citizen in 2013, and the items have been under strict quarantine since then.


By the way: if you’ve not cleared for the phrase ‘Federal Police Bureau,’ please forget that you ever heard it, all right?  Thanks. Bit of a slip, there.


Anyway, the relevant agencies have been analyzing the Skullz Cards since then, with limited results.  They are definitely magical. They are apparently not from another dimension.  And the people shown in the cards match no known magical practitioners, anywhere in the world.  


The designs on the back of each card is kind of readable, if you’re familiar with magic; it basically describes the ‘stats’ of each mage.  Powers, level of powers, spells known, that sort of thing — and, oh, yes: how many people each one has killed. The people on those cards manage at least double digits of murders per year.


So, obviously, time to investigate this.  There are three cards in particular that stand out.  Most Skullz cards, if you touch them, give off no further reaction; but contact with those three do something.  Something mildly unpleasant, to be sure; but those who touched the cards all reported feeling a nascent link.  As if the cards were communication devices of some sort, maybe? But it’s not enough to touch them; something more would be necessary.  And nobody’s been willing so far to figure out what that ‘something more’ might be.


But those were researchers, of course.  Not men and women of action, like you and your team!  So. Sign here, please.

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