My mini-review of Aquaman.

Since I was asked.  Short version: fun.

Slightly longer version: …fun.  And funny!  It’s very much a comic book movie, and it knows what you’re there for.  You’re there for the Brave and the Bold Aquaman and the Aquaman from the DCEU universe that was so shockingly good and, yes, the Hanna-Barbera Aquaman.  And they were happy to provide*.  There was a lot of spectacle in this movie, and a lot of cool visuals, and the two leads worked well off of each other.  Villains were also decently developed, for a change.  Won’t say any more of that, because of spoilers.

Anyway: yeah, It Did Not Suck.  Worth your time; check it out when it hits all the theaters next week.

Moe Lane

*And if you were there for that one particular gif of Aquaman that I’m not going to reference because spoilers… yeah, OK.  They can scratch that itch.  And they can even let you know it’s coming in the first five minutes so that you can properly anticipate its arrival.

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  • Compound says:

    Yeah, gotta agree. Surprisingly well done. I did spend a good chunk of the film distractedly looking for Julie Andrews though. (This isn’t a random thing. She’s in the film.)
    That Drake song still sucks though.

  • Jon says:

    This soothes my ego as I have looking forward to it. Therefore huzzah for this review!

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