My mini “Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse” review.

Short version: …Dude.

Slightly longer version: …Dude.  If you had asked me whether I thought that DC and Marvel IPs would have rocking comic book movies out this holiday season, I’d have said no.  One or the other, sure.  But both? No way.

Well… way.  Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse is gloriously a comic book film.  You’re going to read a lot of stuff written kind of around that, category I have to come up with an adult-sounding reason to love this movie: but even if you find a particular reviewer tediously whipping their favorite dead horse, don’t worry.  This movie is absolutely fun.  It can be other stuff, too, but it’s fun.  And it knows and loves where it came from originally.  This movie even feels like a comic book.

So go ahead and see it.

Moe Lane

PS: Is it the best Spider-Man film ever? …Dunno.  But it would not be absurd for somebody to claim that it is.

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