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Race: Malakite of War (Angel)

Attributes [260]: ST 14 [40], DX 14 [80], IQ 15 [100], HT 14 [40]

Basic Lift 39, Damage 1d/2d, Basic Speed 7

Social Background: TL: 8 [0], Cultural Familiarities: Western, Languages: English (Native) [6]; French (Native) [6].

Advantages [506]: Alternate Form (Celestial Form) [87]*, Alternate Identity (Legal) [5], Appearance (Attractive) [4], Cannot Fall [5], Combat Reflexes [15], Damage Resistance (3) [15], Danger Sense (No Roll Required) [25], Detect (Celestial Disturbance) (Common) [20], Doesn’t Eat or Drink [10], Doesn’t Sleep [20], Essence Control (9) [24], Immune to Trauma [20], Non-Reciprocal Damage [30], Power Investiture (Celestial) (3) [30], Power Investiture (Corporeal) (3) [30], Power Investiture (Ethereal) (3) [30], Regeneration (Slow: 1HP/12Hr) [10], Resistant (Disease) (Occasional) (Immunity) [10], Rites (2) [4]**, Symphonic Knowledge (Honor) [30], Temperature Tolerance (10) [10], Trained By A Master [30], Unaging (Can still appear to age) [15], Very Fit (Doesn’t Fatigue) [15]


*Celestial Form: Advantages and modifiers as above, plus Doesn’t Breathe [20]; Insubstantial (Can carry up to No Encumbrance +10%; Costs 2 Essence to activate, -20%; Requires Will roll to activate, -10%; Causes Disturbance, -30%; total -50%) [40]; Invisible to Machines [20].

**Malakite gains one Essence per day by spending three hours in weapons practice.  She also gains one Essence by duelling with a Diabolical.

Perks [12]: Improvised Weapons (Karate) [1], Iron Legs [1], Neck Control (Karate) [1], Shield-Wall Training [1], Skill Adaptation (Clinch/Karate) [1], Special Exercises (Striker, Crushing with Limb, Shin) [1], Style Familiarity (Muay Thai) [1], Style Familiarity (Savate) [1], Style Familiarity (Sword-and-Shield Fighting) [1], Sure-Footed (Uneven) [1], Technique Mastery (Kicking) [1], Technique Mastery (Knee Strike) [1]

Disadvantages [-75]: Code of Honor (Malakite) [-15]*, Code of Honor (No retreat) [-5], Dissonance Condition: Oath [-5], Dissonance Condition: Word [-5], Disturbs Symphony [-15], Enemy (Demon) (Equal in power to the PC) (9 or less) [-10], Secret (Celestial) (Serious Embarrassment) [-5], Sense of Duty (Humanity) (Entire Race) [-15]

*Malakite’s Oaths are as follows: never suffer an evil to live, if it is her choice; never surrender in a fight or be captured by the forces of Hell; always remember the cost of the War on humanity; respect mortals, and treat them with respect.


Quirks [-5]: Chauvinistic [-1], Habit (Wipes sword on foes) [-1], Humble [-1], Imaginative [-1], Likes Music [-1]

Packages [0]: Muay Thai (Martial Arts) [0], Savate (Martial Arts) [0], Sword-and-Shield Fighting (Martial Arts) [0]

Skills [102]: Acrobatics DX/H – DX-1 13 [2], Administration IQ/A – IQ+0 15 [2], Back Kick (Karate) Tech/H –  11 [2], Boxing DX/A – DX+0 14 [2], Broadsword DX/A – DX+1 15 [4], Celestial Light IQ/VH – IQ-1 14 [4], Corporeal Entropy IQ/VH – IQ-1 14 [4]*, Corporeal Healing IQ/VH – IQ-1 14 [4]*, Corporeal Motion IQ/VH – IQ-1 14 [4]*, Corporeal Shields IQ/VH – IQ-1 14 [4]*, Counterattack (Broadsword) Tech/H –  11 [2], Counterattack (Karate) Tech/H – 10 [2], Dancing DX/A – DX-1 13 [1], Drop Kick (Wrestling) Tech/H – 13 [2], Dual-Weapon Attack (Broadsword) Tech/H – 12 [2], Dual-Weapon Defense (Broadsword) Tech/H – 11 [2], Elbow Strike (Karate) Tech/A – 13 [1], Feint (Broadsword) Tech/H – 16 [2], Feint (Karate) Tech/H –  15 [2], Flying Jump Kick (Karate) Tech/H – 8 [2], Flying Leap IQ/H – IQ-2 13 [1], Flying Lunge (Broadsword) Tech/H – 12 [2], Games (Muay Thai) IQ/E – IQ+0 15 [1], Guns/TL8 (Submachine Gun) DX/E – DX+0 14 [1], Hammer Fist (Karate) Tech/A – 14 [1], Head Butt (Karate) Tech/H – 14 [2], Jam (Karate) Tech/H – 11 [2], Jump Kick (Karate) Tech/H –  11 [2], Jumping DX/E – DX+0 14 [1], Karate DX/H – DX+0 14 [4], Kicking (Karate) Tech/H – 13 [2], Knee Strike (Karate) Tech/A – 14 [1], Leg Grapple (DX) Tech/H – 15 [2], Lethal Kick (Karate) Tech/H – 11 [2], Power Blow Will/H – Will-2 13 [1], Push Kick (Karate) Tech/H – 12 [2], Research/TL8 IQ/A – IQ+0 15 [2], Roll with Blow (Boxing) Tech/H –  13 [2], Roll with Blow (Karate) Tech/H – 13 [2], Savoir-Faire (Gym) IQ/E – IQ+0 15 [1], Shield (Shield) DX/E – DX+0 14 [1], Shortsword DX/A – DX+0 14 [2], Spinning Kick (Karate) Tech/H – 12 [2], Spinning Punch (Karate) Tech/H – 13 [2], Springing Attack (Karate) Tech/H – 13 [2], Stealth DX/A – DX+0 14 [2], Sweep (Karate) Tech/H – 12 [2], Targeted Attack (Karate Kick/Leg) Tech/H –  12 [2], Uppercut (Karate) Tech/A – 14 [1], Wrestling DX/A – DX+0 14 [2]


*Technically, these Songs are at -2 while on Earth (+3 for Power Investment, -5 for Corporeal/Ethereal plane). The GM is advised to just ignore it.

Stats [260] Ads [506] Disads [-75] Quirks [-5] Skills [102] = Total [800]


Malakite absolutely should not be… wherever she is.  And whatever this place is, it’s definitely a bit confusing: it’s a lot like her home’s Corporeal plane, except there are no Archangels, no Tethers to Heaven, no ethereals, and only one demon.  That last one is the problem; Malakite ended up here because she chased the demon into a glowy portal — and before you say: yes, that was probably dumb.  But Malakite wasn’t about to let a demon get away.

And she’s still not going to let a demon get away.  As she sees it, her job is to track the demon down, kill him, and then worry about what happens after that.  Certainly it’s not smart to let the demon stick around, in a dimension that doesn’t have anything else to stop him.  Even if the inhabitants are themselves a bit odd.

Tracking the demon is tricky, alas: he knows enough to be careful about attracting her attention. In the meantime, Malakite will concentrate on adapting, improvising, and overcoming.  She’s already found a job as a secretary (under the name ‘Janet Baker,’ or something similarly generic), is in the process of tracking down a suitable dojo, and idly working out which local evils to excise in a manner most consistent with her mission. Fortunately, her Archangel is flexible about such things; Michael recognizes the need to prioritize in sticky situations.  And it doesn’t get much stickier than this.

Personality: Malakite is an Old Testament angel.  She is a nice Old Testament angel with a love of humanity and a lack of the Bloodlust disadvantage, but if you are sufficiently bad (Malakite’s Symphonic Knowledge (Honor) advantage allows her to look at you and then know if you are bad, and how bad, and how often you’re bad) she’ll just, you know, kill you.  The lack of Bloodlust simply means that she won’t derive undue pleasure from doing it.

This does not mean that Malakite will be decapitating purse-snatchers, if she thinks that scaring them into better life choices will work better for destroying that particular evil.  But, again: Malakite is an Old Testament kind of angel. She has a completely different attitude towards this sort of thing.

Tactics in combat: sword and fist, mostly.  The terrifying thing about Malakite as a martial artist is not her individual combat abilities; it’s that she’s cross-trained in a variety of disciplines and is in superb physical and mental shape and has access to supernatural abilities in a pinch.  Malakite’s biggest weakness is that she is, by celestial standards, not actually very experienced.  Most of her training went into learning various martial arts, which means that she has to fall back on raw intelligence for most non-combat situations.

Special notes: Corporeal Entropy lets her age/deage things, Corporeal Healing heals, Corporeal Motion lets her fly through the air, Corporeal Shields can stop anything, explicitly up to and including a nuclear blast, and Celestial Light lets her shoot off a laser beam that does 1d-1 impaling damage per Essence spent (max 3).  Learning the Innate Attack skill needed to direct it properly was going to be Malakite’s next training objective.


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