The ‘Polar’ Netflix trailer.

I swear to God, movies like Polar originally come from the HR departments of Sinister mega-corporations on other timelines.

Specifically, for their rapidly-advancing middle managers. So you’re thinking of betraying the super ninja assassins that work for us, the HR staffer goes.  Well, here’s a little dramatization of what happens when you do that!  According to the trailer, all of this was triggered by the desire of the company to get back eight million dollars in retirement investment funds.  …I suspect that the company will end up losing more than eight million dollars, and that absolutely includes sunk labor costs.  I mean, you can’t just hire these people off of the streets.

Moe Lane

PS: Will I see Polar?  Maybe.  It looks pretty gonzo.

12 thoughts on “The ‘Polar’ Netflix trailer.”

  1. Honestly, a training video is the *only* way this makes sense: Like a mega-corp that sinister would allow an asset to retire

  2. “desire of the company to get back eight million dollars in retirement investment funds”

    That is absolutely *insane*. The *last* people you are going to want to kill to avoid an insurance payout are assassins, and presumably the bean counters would realize this.

    I would expect this to work about zero times before being scrapped as an idea, because any assassin competent enough to retire is not one you want to go after.

    That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t watch it, just that the premise is stupid.

    1. Perhaps it is all part of some batman gambit on someone’s part. You work for evil murder co, and convince your boss to order this hit, so when vengeance incarnate comes for him, you all move up in rank.

    2. It’s not the company that want to kill him, only the portfolio management that didn’t think things through.

  3. Alternative option: somebody has decided that a part of the company is too stupid to live and has offered to let that part of the company keep the retiree’s funds if they kill him.
    Further thought: this looks like a darker, edgier version of R.E.D..

  4. 20+ years ago there was a book (short story?) about a “executive retirement” program that a large corporation had where the retired executive’s with golden parachute retirements were killed to reduce the corporations outlay.
    This movie looks like one of those “same thing, only different” story’s.

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