Two questions about upcoming video playtests.


  1. Pelgrane Press is doing a call for playtesting their sword-and-sorcery GUMSHOE game Swords of the Serpentine. Any of you folks interested?
  2. I’m giving serious consideration to running a session of The Day After Ragnarok at WashingCon.  I’d be using my one-shot Song of the Siren for it, but will need to check to see if it works as a four-hour.  Anybody interested in playtesting that?


  • acat says:

    1. What are the technical requirements?
    2. What basic game skills/familiarity is expected?
    Not that I’m volunteering, mind .. but I’m imagining some of your less frequent commentariat may be worried they don’t have the hardware/dice/table/familiarity with AD&D 4 to fit in.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      I pretty much figure that if you can do Google Hangouts, and if you’ve ever played an RPG, we can go from there. I can send around cheat sheets for the game mechanics ahead of time, so no worries there.

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