Frozen Dreams Working Draft Process, Day Eight: 10 Chapters / 21,224 Words.

More chapters, and fewer words, than I expected.  Although, no, actually it’s a little bit above a target number of 60K words for the whole thing.  Scrivener is I think estimating that Frozen Dreams will probably hit about 180 pages or so, which isn’t bad.  Respectable, even.


“I was so pleased to hear that you were looking into what happened to poor Elizabeth on your own, Mr. Vargas. I was debating making arrangements myself to solicit your services. Diane was always very dear to me; I can only imagine how heartbroken she must be.”

“The last I saw of Mrs. Gonzales, she looked ready to carve out the murderer’s liver and feed it to him,” I replied.

Leila delicately sipped her tea. “We all process grief in our own way, Mr. Vargas.”

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