Item Seed: Project APPLESAUCE KINETIC Cache #5.

Project APPLESAUCE KINETIC Cache #5 – Google Docs



Description: a crate containing ten ‘books’ filled with microfiche sheets, with a manila folder containing the index.  The crate has an opened envelope attached, containing a standard US Archives document (dated 10/15/1967) indicating that the contents of the crate are not to be declassified before 12/31/2018.  The signature is illegible.

Well.  Somebody was a naughty boy, back in 1967.  At least, that’s what the documents reproduced in the Project APPLESAUCE KINETIC cache suggest.  It’s quite the lurid tale, once you get past all the bureaucratese; apparently, several military coups and revolts in 1967 in Togo, Sierra Leone, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Nigeria were actually all related, or more accurately orchestrated by a shadowy organization known only as the Sheba Group.  The actual aims of said group were obscure, but apparently involved a long-term plan to effectively take control of everything between South Africa and the Sahara. Stopping said plan required the rather drastic destabilization of the region by CIA and other foreign intelligence services, so when the operation was over the people in charge swept the whole thing under the rug and classified it for the next fifty years.


And now, here we are.  The files are redacted, but there’s enough information left to cause a lot of stinks, if not earth-shaking ones (fifty years is a long time to air out people’s dirty laundry).  Rather more of interest are the scattered references to things like ‘lost mines’ and ‘hidden cities;’ rather a few references, really. The kind of references that might seem rather lurid, if they were showing up anywhere besides a recently-declassified documents cache.  One of at least five, too. Wonder what happened to the other four?


And what’s that?  Well, sure, there are maps to the sites of interest.  On microfiche; and not all that well defined, being transparent reproductions in black and white, but they’re there.  Why, is that important?


  • acat says:

    … Amazon suggests “How to Stage a Military Coup” as a related item.
    Ummm .. pass?

    • Compound says:

      Yeah, I got that one as well.

    • nicklevi86 says:

      Good Lord, that book showed up for me to. With socialist imagery that blatant, I’d say someone is *trying* to get on a watch list.
      No, no. Too obvious still. Someone is trying to get someone else on a watch list.

  • UnmovingGreatLibrary says:

    >> One of at least five, too. Wonder what happened to the other four?

    Perhaps whoever classified and filed this away was the kind of student who, for a senior prank, released pigs labeled “1”, “2” and “4” into his school early one morning.

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