Looks like Swords of the Serpentine playtesting will be a go.

Shoot me an email or reply here if you’re interested in signing up for a video gaming session.  It’ll probably be on a weekend night, and everything has to be done before February 28th.  Also: the files are proprietary, so they will NOT be given out except as part of the actual Swords of the Serpentine playtest process. I’ve had a good relationship with Pelgrane Press in the past, not least because I take this stricture seriously.

Hope to hear from enough of you folks soon!

Moe Lane

PS: I don’t expect any of my readers are the sort to pirate the files, but better safe than sorry.  Also: Emily Dresner from the old In Nomine days co-wrote this book, and I’d rather cut off my left pinkie finger than have to explain what happened.

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