The surprisingly subtle The Kid Who Would Be King training clip.

No, really.  Very minimalist magic gesturing, there.

I mean, usually they show the mystic energies being manipulated in various color-coded ways and there’s a dull roar from the raw magic crackling away and maybe some wind and this movie is all None of that; all of you in the audience have the magical sensitivity of a brick.  You’ll know that Merlin’s done with the spell when the dam’ trees start moving, because that’s what would happen in real life. I am kind of amused at that.  The Kid Who Would Be Kid keeps trying to get me to take it seriously, it seems.

Moe Lane

PS: Now watch: all of the spellglitter got put in during post-production, or something.  Because we can’t have nice things.

One thought on “The surprisingly subtle The Kid Who Would Be King training clip.”

  1. I just saw my first preview for this on Sunday during a showing of Mary Poppins and it grabbed me almost immediately. It could end up being a huge disappointment, but it had a certain….wonder?…to it that I thought was different.

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