Frozen Dreams Working Draft Process, Day Eleven: 13 Chapters / 28,994 words.

We’re getting there. Up to 83 pages in the Frozen Dreams manuscript now.  Starting to build up steam, too.  I’ll need to put more stuff in earlier, stoke the fire up a bit more.


“Well, that’s the knife.” Mike’s voice grew a little harder. “What about the hair, Shamus?”

“What about it?” I won’t say that I was defensive. Much.

“The hair you took off of the guy, instead of having him arrested.”

“Or killed,” Lucas said helpfully. Mike gave him an epic orcish side-eye: Lucas looked aggrieved. “What? Fella had an evil demonic knife. You can absolutely kill those on sight.”

“He was unconscious!” I said.

“What, you’re not as evil when you’re asleep?”