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Yes. They are magically animated socks. Although ‘animated’ is a fuzzy (typically, so are Socklems) term; when not being worn by someone Socklems can more or less move around like inchworms, but they can’t manipulate or carry anything. Or communicate. It’s not entirely clear that they can see.

But put one on a foot, and wow. That foot’s going to be in wonderful shape. Socklems can do anything from fight athlete’s foot to support fallen arches; and, needless to say, any foot protected by a Socklem is effectively immune to getting wet, hot, cold, clammy, or dirty. The Socklem in exchange gets access to the full sensorium of whoever is wearing them, which invariably causes the Socklem to radiate a mild feeling of pleasure and amiability around it. AS you might guess, few people hosting a Socklem ever take them off. Ever.

But who makes these? Nobody, really. They’re sort of byproducts of more conventional magical animation projects. You know how, when somebody makes a tray of biscuits, all the dough left over is rolled into a tube and used to keep the biscuits in place for the baking process? Yeah, that’s sort of like how they make Socklems. And they’re pretty popular, too. A pair makes for a nice winter festival gift… what?

No. No, a pair of Socklems are absolutely not mated to each other. Come on, they’re socks.


  • acat says:

    I’m confused .. what is “leftover dough” ?
    The end of the biscuit process may end up with 12, or maybe 14 or 15, possibly the last one is a “runt” biscuit .. possibly the baker pops a bit of raw dough into his or her biscuit-hole .. but there’s never any left over…
    Other than that, and that I now want a set of socklems and will forever be disappointed, this is good stuff.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Ah, maybe it’s a fast food restaurant thing. When we made biscuits, we’d always have some dough left over, which we would roll in a tube and stick on the end to keep the biscuits from moving around in the pan. You can’t use non-standard biscuits, you see.

  • nicklevi86 says:

    Magical-animation byproducts in the form of laundry? Sounds like someone keeps forgetting to clean the magical lint-screen.

  • Jon says:

    This is a thing that I want. Unless it eats my foot (or soul).

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