The ‘Huh. I missed this Captain Marvel trailer’ trailer.

This is actually all right.  Cocky, powerful, foreshadowing that she’s going to overreach and then have to learn some humility; they’re more or less ripping off Thor here, but that’s OK.  The real worry for me, honestly, was that they’d Mary-Sue Captain Marvel right from the start and then things would get tedious in Endgame.  If they’re going to instead use this movie to make her get her head on a swivel then that’ll do.



  • Jon says:

    I’m also more hopeful that she was given more than one facial expression in the trailer. Rumor has it that the fan complaints from the last trailer may have got the Mouse’s attention.

  • Aetius451AD says:

    Not too bad. The whole ‘With Her’ thing still sets off alarm bells.

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