The Time of Madness is almost upon this land!

…That’s right; it’s going to snow here this weekend, and I expect everybody around me to lose their goram minds over it. Like they do. What makes it worse, of course, is that I should have gone grocery shopping today. Tomorrow’s going to be amazingly chaotic, over at the supermarket. Whee!

Still, first snow of the year. Coolness.

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  • Catseyes says:

    As someone who gets 5′ to 7′ feet a year, or more, I’m happy to be sitting this year out on the big snows. We’ve only had dustings which melted. The old large snow blower is laid up and in need of repair, and the new smaller one is untried. so if we get out of this winter without a big snow I’m good. Kind of sick of the snow.

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