Book of the Week: ‘Jimmy the Kid.’

Hrm. Which Donald Westlake Dortmunder books have I done, so far?

:clickity clickity clickity:

…Good God.  Ten years, and I’ve yet to do one?  Not a single Dortmunder ‘comic criminal’ novel?  This is worse than a mistake; it’s a blunder.  I’m embarrassed for myself.  You should be embarrassed for me, too.  It’s an abject failure on my part, is what it is.

OK.  Jimmy the Kid.  They made a really, really bad movie starring Gary Coleman out of it, but that’s not Donald Westlake’s fault.  All he did was cash the check.


  • bensdad00 says:

    I’ve avoided the Dortmunders because Spider Robinson constantly flogged them and his judgement is suspect at best since the last four Callahan novels stank on ice. Your judgment however… start with this one or read them in order?

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