Frozen Dreams Working Draft Process, Day Thirteen: 16 Chapters / 37,305 words.

It is speeding up, a little.  I need to make the timeline just a little bit less compressed, though.  Maybe put some stuff in earlier chapters? I dunno.  How did people do this, before computers?


“You know what we have to do, right?”

“You’re gonna say ‘roof,’ aren’t you.” I didn’t make it a question.

“I’m gonna say ‘roof.’”

“Which will let them see us.”

“Yeah, but we’ll see them, too. Or have you gotten one of your plans working yet?”

“I’ve got one going right now. I call it ‘let the Adventurer try to get us both killed.’ It’s doing great!”

“Good for you!” Lucas turned serious, looked up, then pointed to one building. “I think that warehouse is our best bet. Shall we go?”

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