Survival Chickens [GURPS 4e].

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Survival Chickens

Attributes: ST 3, DX 14, IQ 4, HT 14, HP 10, Will 4, Per 10, FP 14
Basic Lift 1.8: Damage 1d-3/1d-2 (imp)
Speed 8: Basic Move: 9

Traits: Claws (Talons), Damage Resistance (2), Discriminatory Smell, Striking ST (4), Chummy, Teeth (Sharp Beak), Domestic Animal (Cannot Speak, Hidebound, Social Stigma (Valuable Property)), No Fine Manipulators

Skills: Brawling DX/E – DX+0 14, Running HT/A – HT+0 14, Tracking Per/A – Per+2 12

Description: Basically, this.

They’re called ‘Survival Chickens’ because ‘neo-dinosaurs’ didn’t focus test well among interplanetary markets at the time.  But that’s what Survival Chickens are; they’re poultry that’s been reverse-engineered back to their dinosaurian origins, while at the same time remaining domesticated animals.  This is very foolish to try at TL8, workable at TL9, and trivial at TL10.

As the above link suggests, Survival Chickens are very pretty: they have lovely feathers and even dispositions, and make quite acceptable pets.  Survival Chicken meat admittedly does not taste as nice as regular chicken, but the eggs taste fine and they molt their feathers four times a year.  They also can be socialized fairly easily to work with other domestic animals, although this particular neo-dinosaur species is notorious for not understanding that small fish could ever be off-limits.

However, Survival Chickens are, in the end, working genetically engineered neo-dinosaurs.  Settlers and scouts on primitive planets use them for hunts; a squad of Survival Chickens aren’t the fastest trackers out there, but they can keep up with a human being.  This is no small thing, over long trips. They can also be used to track human beings, although strictly speaking they do not hunt them.  Survival Chickens were very carefully genetically engineered to not see human flesh as food, for reasons which should hopefully be obvious.

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