Frozen Dreams Working Draft Process, Day Nineteen: 23-ish Chapters / 50,915 Words.

23-ish because I’m not done with a section of Chapter 22 of Frozen Dreams yet. Or Chapter 23, in fact. Had to put together about 1100 words to make stuff work, and it’s not done.  But we endeavor to persevere.


Lucas murmured “Leave now please?” I was already heading for the nearest redline. When you leave Redtown, walk firmly, with speed, and never run. Running tells them who to aim for first. Lucas had switched to throwing daggers at this point; about half a block from the redline, he tossed one at a windowsill. There was a sudden flicker of motion there, as if somebody was hastily ducking out of sight. When I looked at Lucas, he shrugged minutely and said “I didn’t like the shape of that particular silhouette.”

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