You folks watch the ‘Lost In Vegas’ YouTube series?

I love this series.

Basically, Lost In Vegas listens to rock/metal stuff for the first time, and then they talk about it.  In this particular case, it’s War Pigs.  In this case, the guy on the left (Ryan) has heard it before, guy on the right (George) hasn’t: that’s why this particular one is a Reaction/Review.  Anyway, it’s great fun watching them groove to this stuff for the first time.

But that’s half of it.  The other half of it is, they talk about the lyrics.  I have to admit that I don’t always have the lyrics register in my head, but every time I watch an episode one of the two says something interesting.  In this particular case: George started talking about Hendrix and then I couldn’t NOT hear Hendrix’s influence on the song.

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