Frozen Dreams Working Draft Process, Day Twenty: 27-sorta Chapters / 55,934 Words.

It’s not done, per se. But Frozen Dreams has been fully transferred to Scrivener, so as soon as I finish that one chapter, clean up the ones that I’ve simply transferred, and gotten the word count up to 60K, it’ll be ready for the next step.  Which is to say, compiling it to manuscript form.  That’s simultaneously cool, and alarming.

Of course, I have to finish that one damned chapter. It’s necessary, but it’s boring and I have nothing really for them to do there. I know; those two statements aren’t compatible, which is why I’m still trying to reconcile them. Hopefully after I hack something out my alpha readers can tell me what’s going wrong.

Moe Lane


I looked out the window. Above, in the air, was something out of the Lore: huge letters made of clouds, hanging in the mid-afternoon sky. The words read SURRENDER SHAMUS — and an arrow, pointing straight at Mt. Jeannie. It took me a moment to regain my composure at that insult.

When I did, I managed to evenly say “It doesn’t even scan right.”

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