Quiet day today here.

Prepping for the playtest.  First RPG I’ve run in months, in fact.  I should run more campaigns, though. Heck, I should play in more campaigns.

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  • Jeff Weimer says:

    FWIW, Today’s OOTS is a *hoot*.

  • Catseyes says:

    Next week is looking very bad here. It keeps going from 5-8″ to 8-12″ for Monday. And the Arctic Vortex Is threatening to keep the schools closed for days. What the hell does it mean when the days temperature is predicted to be -/-10? And yes that is the predicted temp for Thursday. Going shopping tomorrow to pickup food for a week of being stuck inside maybe longer.Next week will be bad and that’s from someone with an inch of ice on the sidewalk under the snow.

    • acat says:

      I find that I don’t miss the snow nearly as much as I expected … and I miss the cold not at all!
      ** while still “in the shadow of Chicago”, I no longer live close enough to shiver in the arctic winters

  • Catseyes says:

    On the plus side I have shank cuts for beef, barley vegetable soup And a Ham bone for Ham, barley vegetable soup. Old Irish recipe. And multiple one dollar of coupons for 1 lb of lunch meat. And my wife is talking sandwiches she wants horsey sauce. If we get enough Bakery products we may get a coupon next month. Toasted sandwiches with spices and Horsey sauce works for me. We should be running up quite the bill.

  • Catseyes says:

    You always Know the snowfall Is going to be bad when local news quits even trying to even predict how much, and they have. They won’t talk about it at all. Glad for the 50 lbs of Rock salt I bought and the new snowblower. I picked a bad time to quit smoking.

  • Luke says:

    I somehow got into the Anthem demo (because glitches sometimes work in your favor) and am trying to decide if I like it. And if so, how much.
    First impressions: competently executed.
    Strong aim assist/bullet magnetism. Snappy responsive, but not quite at the level of Titanfall 2 or Destiny.
    Solid and interesting movement mechanics that will require time and effort to master.
    Third person ADS is hardly worth bothering with on the visual presentation, but might do something mechanically.
    Ammo economy will require futher tweaking, as it seems like enemies don’t drop ammo unless you’re within about 30 yards of you. Which is a slight problem when you gain a significant altitude advantage and begin raining death upon the mobs.
    Abilities are powerful and recharge quickly.
    If purchased, I WILL be remapping keys. (Y for melee attack? No. Just no.)
    It has actual characters that have histories and motivations.
    There seems to be an actual story.
    My protagonist isn’t silent.
    Lots of ways to paint your doll. (I care just enough to make mine easily distinguished from the other images on the screen, but some people get off on it. )

    • Luke says:

      Further impressions:
      The movement mechanics get better and better as you get used to them.
      It’s pretty.
      It mostly avoids the Skinner Box issue of other looter shooters, despite an extensive and excellent selection of gear. (Although grinding for gear that fits the playstyle you want to use at maximum effect is clearly going to be a thing.)
      The were a lot of connectivity issues, which will hopefully be ironed out by launch.
      It does an excellent job stroking the Fantasy of Power motivation. (In particular, I highly recommend a power dive ending with a charged melee attack. I’d most likely actually even buy a microtransaction of a Stuka siren.)
      There’s clearly a lot of mystery and lore. The codex is going to be huge!
      Interceptor behind the rock, with a shotgun. With all the mobility, flanking will be a constant.
      Downside, the radar kind of sucks. It’s the Skyrim/Fallout model, rather than something faster paced.
      Balance will obviously be changing a great deal by launch. (But use ice attacks right out of the gate, just to make sure. )

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