In Nomine Revisited: Parpar.

Primal Spirits

Corporeal Forces: 1 Strength: 1 Agility: 3
Ethereal Forces: 3 Intelligence: 6 Precision: 6
Celestial Forces: 3 Will: 6 Perception: 6

Elements: Life: Beasts

Affinities: Speed (primal), Obscurement (moderate)

Skills: Area Knowledge/1 (Marches), Dodge/5, Dreaming/3, Fighting/6, Flying/3, Language (Angelic/3, Varies/1), Move Silently/4, Survival/1 (The Marches), Tactics/1, Tracking/3

Songs: Ethereal Healing/3, Celestial Draining/1

Dread: Pointless cruelty/3 (3pt/level)



This is what butterflies Dream of being.  Faster than anything not similarly dedicated to movement, as beautiful and deadly as an unsheathed blade, terrific in the old, old sense — there was no steed worthier for a warrior of Dreams than a Parpar, and the right to companion with one was one fiercely sought and fiercely kept, for thousands of years.  To be allowed to even be in a Parpar’s presence was often informally restricted.  The Domain from where they hatched was a secret known only to Blandine and her most trusted servants; it was considered unwise (if impolitic) to allow outsiders too close of a look.  Enemies didn’t count: a Parpar plus rider was a potent combination.

Parpar were used by the Host from shortly after the First Incursion to about six months into the Purity Crusade; the decision to stop using them was unilaterally made by Blandine, over the vehement objections of Uriel’s immediate staff.  The Archangel of Purity declined to involve himself in his vassal’s decision (by the way, referring to Blandine in that fashion is an excellent way to put a Servitor of Dreams into a killing mood), and there is even a good chance that this was not motivated by a desire to avoid looking hypocritical — or to give an order that would be not obeyed.  The ethereals were not slain or driven off, but were instead returned to the Domain from where they came.

Mostly.  There were a few that were not around to be repatriated, by either happenstance or choice, and they remain free in the Marches.  Blandine refuses to round them up. She also refuses to let any member of the Host either hunt or make use of them in any way. The consequences of defying this restriction can be dire: the Archangel of Dreams has been known to personally hand over offending angels to the Inquisition.  

This does not endear her to Michael, who would like rather badly to get his hands on some Parpar for his own forces.  Blandine is however adamant that if the Host is to take the official position that ethereals are to be shunned, then they are to be shunned — regardless of whether this ban is already being effectively broken with regard to certain pantheons.  If any Archangel finds this restriction is too onerous, then he, she, or it is welcome to call for a reassessment of current policy.

Some have been tempted to do so.  Parpar are beautiful.

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