Slightly shockingly, Aquaman 2 is finally in the works.

Slightly, because normally this would have been green-lighted the moment Warner Bros started having difficulty hearing people because of all that MONEY.

Almost two months after opening its billion dollar hit Aquaman,Warner Bros. is starting to put the pieces together for a sequel. The studio has tapped David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, who co-wrote the first movie, to begin penning a new installment, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.  James Wan, who helmed the first movie and worked with Johnson-McGoldrick on The Conjuring 2, is making a deal to return as producer, as is Peter Safran. It is unclear at this stage whether Wan would return as director.

That last bit is apparently the reason for the delay. On the one hand, Wan’s also not obligated to direct. On the other hand, as that last link notes, neither was Patty Jenkins, for Wonder Woman; James Wan has a decent negotiating position, as long as he doesn’t push it too far. And, on the gripping hand: Wan may not want to direct Aquaman 2, and if they find a decent director, he might not have to.

Moe Lane

PS: I’m not sure what I want Aquaman 2 to be, honestly. It’d be kind of cool to have a movie full of Machiavellian inter-kingdom power politics with assassins and spies and conspiracies and Jason Mamoa roaring through all of those at high speed — but I’d also watch Aquaman spend two hours trying to keep the damned ocean liner full of winsome orphans and puppies afloat until he can drag it out of the hurricane. I mean, it’s a tough call, right?

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  1. What’s odd is that the new Dune movie is rumored to be signing Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho. Now Idaho is many thing, but 6’4″ hulk he’s not. He’s supposed to be the deadliest man in the universe with a sword and lightning fast.

    1. The fight scenes I’ve seen Momoa do, he’s pretty darn fast. Also, he could potentially slim down for the movie; not sure if that would be a money-maker, but it’s always possible.

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