Tweet of the Day, Sweet Eru* But This Map of Middle-earth edition

Oh, but the memories.

I have the old school Middle-Earth gaming material: the stuff from Iron Crown Enterprises. It included maps. Such maps! Maps made by obsessives who smilingly could correct the errors found in Noel**. This map makes me want to clear my calendar for the next week and go through all the supplements again.

And. JUST LIKE THAT. I am ready for the new show.

Moe Lane

*The Dude is God, after all.

**A seminal work of Elvish language scholarship, and one whose flaws are not the fault of the author; she worked with what we had, and we had much less available, forty years ago.

8 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Sweet Eru* But This Map of Middle-earth edition”

  1. Dear Lord, those ICE maps for Middle Earth…

    I stopped drinking right about the time that ICE ramped up the Middle Earth material, so I actually had the cash to indulge my habit.

    What’s that? The topo map for southern Cardolan showing the location of the bridge at Tharbad?

    Of COURSE I still have it. Just let me get the vault open…

      1. I can feel my flesh wasting away and my eyes taking on a pale sheen just hearing that such things exist. I would not have lasted 5 minutes in the presence of a ring of power.

        1. I want to take pictures, and I do not want to take pictures. For these maps are glorious, and wonderful, and now almost certainly obscenely expensive. The Court of Ardor (which is set in the 2nd Age, in the far south) is retailing for $650, which almost makes me wish I had sealed my copy in nitrogen.

  2. That Court of Ardor material was great (and nasty as heck). Evil Noldo plotting to change all of Arda forever.

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