Tweet of the Day, This Makes Any Comment Of Mine On The College Admissions Bribery Scandal Superfluous edition.

It’s just pretty much perfect.

Yes, even the Shoveler. But he’d do it out of love.


  • Luke says:

    People will try to leverage their status/fame/power/wealth to the benefit of their progeny?
    Administrators of institutions that have embraced postmodernism and situational ethics have a tendency to privilege short-term gain over the long-term interests of the institution?
    Scandals aren’t supposed to be boring.
    2/10. The audacity of trying to write off bribes on income taxes awards one bonus point.

    • 1_rick says:

      The bonus point was included in your 2/10 score, right?

      Because, yeah, this is a boring “scandal”. “Oh no, some Hollywood star wasted a ton of money to get her daughter into a college she’s going to waste the money on.”

  • Phil Smith says:

    But not Dudley Frank.

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