The Full, Increasingly Disturbing, Toy Story 4 trailer.

I swear to God, this franchise gets more troubling, the more you watch it.

Toy Story 4 is one half-step away from being a goram horror movie at this point. I mean, that’s all just plain messed up. Is there an entire shadow society out there? Hiding in the shadows? And whaddya mean , they can’t die? WE PUT TOYS IN LANDFILLS. How many toys are trapped down there, under the dirt, sapient, aware, but unable to move?

…Still going to watch it, of course.


  • Rockphed says:

    … are we assuming that this Bo Peep is the same Bo Peep that was Woody’s woman-of-choice in the first 3 movies? I will admit to having skipped out on TS3 (despite being the target demographic for the first 2, I have no desire to see the third), but I have heard whispers that Bo made a heroic sacrifice therein. Maybe this is a different version of the same toy, like all the Buzz Lightyear’s that showed up in Toy Story 2.

    • junior says:

      I haven’t seen 3 either, but apparently Bo Peep wasn’t in it. So she might be the same one. At the very least, the trailer left me with the impression that this one knows Woody. Of course, that could just be the usual “trailer dialogue cut” that we often see that intentionally misleads audiences about elements of the movie before its released.

      I’m ambivalent about the trailer. At the very least, I could certainly support a decision by Woody to leave with Bo Peep. He’s certainly earned it, imo. On the other hand, that would make him something of a hypocrite with his arguments to “Forky”. It also comes awfully close to retreading the same ground covered by TS2.

      And as Moe notes, parts of the trailer are just plain creepy.

      And not in a “Sid’s Room” sort of way.

  • nicklevi86 says:

    All I get from this is that Tom Hanks characters continue to be a certifiable travel hazards.

  • Luke says:

    I did not expect my reaction to the trailer to be, “I have absolutely no interest in seeing that.”

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