WAIT. Is CD Projekt Red working on a Castle Falkenstein video RPG game?

Hah! I wish.

…Oh, how I wish.

CD Projekt RED’s sci-fi RPG, Cyberpunk 2077, is a big, ambitious game that’s larger than anything the studio has worked on before. More than 400 developers are workingon the hotly anticipated game. However, despite the resources needed to create a game of this size, it seems as if CD Projekt RED has been able to work on another, secret project.

The developer made the confirmation while responding to a fan on its forums. A post by CD Projekt RED community moderator Donata Poplawska (translated from Polish with Google Translate) stated that the studio plans to release a “second AAA game” before 2021.

Why am I trying to will a Castle Falkenstein V RPG into existence as the second AAA game? Because it’s gonna be something different, right? That’s what people are guessing. If it’s not going to be cyberpunk (obviously) and it’s not gonna be new Witcher stuff (I just don’t get that vibe) it has to be something else. And, hey: Mike Pondsmith was the guy who did both Cyberpunk and… Castle Falkenstein. And, hey: Fat Goblin Games is wroking with Pondsmith to publish Castle Falkenstein stuff over on Drive Thru RPG again!


Wait. Why was I not told this? WHY WAS I NOT TOLD THIS?!?

…Ahem. Anyway, I’m not saying that it’s Castle Falkenstein, but it could be Castle Falkenstein. And a historical magical steampunk game where all the characters are either owned by R Talsorian Games (chairman: Mike Pondsmith) or public domain would be so up CD Projekt Red’s alley. If it turns out that you heard it here first, check out my Patreon. Heck, check it out anyway.


Moe Lane

PS: By the way, Mike: I have a playtest credit for GURPS Castle Falkenstein. I also have all of the old books, including the fiction. In case you were looking for people who have a reasonable knowledge of the source material, or something.

Just putting that out there!


  • Luke says:

    I’m not sure a scripted video game can really capture the full gonzo of Castle Falkenstein.
    Heck, there are few GMs up to the task. (And I freely admit that I’m not one of them. GURPS: Goblins is likewise something I would love to *play*, but never *run*.)

  • junior says:

    The news that CD Projekt Red is working on a second game has been out there for a couple of years. But they haven’t said anything about it aside from the fact that the game is being worked on. So people don’t talk about it. Instead, the focus is on the game that people know about.

    Now personally, I find that an announcement that the unnamed project is a *Mekton* game (i.e. based off of Mike Pondsmith’s original property – an anime mecha RPG) would be awesome. And would provide an alternate explanation of why the crowd-funded Mekton Zero was cancelled (Mike Pondsmith’s official explanation was that all of his time was absorbed by working with CDPR, and so he couldn’t finish Mekton Zero), since obviously he would want to have the new edition of Mekton come out at the same time as the hypothetical video game (which is what he’s doing with Cyberpunk – Cyberpunk 2020 is getting a new edition called “Cyberpunk Red”, which is supposed to come out at around the same time as the video game).

    But an anime mecha game wouldn’t quite fit with CDPR’s stuff so far.

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