The ‘Moons of Madness’ video game trailer (Secret World Legends universe).


Website is at The cosmic horror game is set in the same universe as Secret World Legends, but it’s not part of the MMO. This, and the Halloween release date, suggests to me that Moons of Madness will be more like The Park, a horrific narrative story/game that FunCom released back in Halloween of 2015. This may require more in the way of puzzle solving, although I have no clue as to whether you can actually die in it.

Looking forward to this, all in all. FunCom is good at story-telling. Plus, it’ll drop kewl l00t for SWL players, of course.

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  1. The prequel to the original DOOM! All you need is Jimmy the Doom Guy with his chainsaw and BFG 9000.

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