Item Seed: The Aralik Stellae.

The Aralik Stellae

Description: a collection of hexagons made out of an unknown, and apparently indestructible white material that is warm to the touch, remarkably light, and completely inflexible.  Each hexagon has a hexagram inscribed in it in black. Two or more Aralik Stellae will connect to each other as if they were magnetic, forming an interlocking pattern — but the Stellae are not magnetic.  

These items were not found in the town of Aralik, but nobody wanted to admit that they were pulled out of an oddly-preserved wooden boat half-buried in a crevasse at the top of Mount Ararat.  They still won’t, in fact. Their existence can be seen as an, ah, fundamental challenge to the current global culture’s basic worldview.

Aralik Stellae are specialized information repositories.  Each Stellae contains the complete genetic information of an indeterminate number of animal species; when touched by someone with a particular genetic signature, the Stellae will somehow make that person aware of the genetic library and permit him or her to choose a species from it.  If the person makes a choice, a breeding pair from that species will silently and smoothly appear out of the air within fifteen seconds. Said breeding pair will be completely unaggressive towards humans, but their offspring will be completely normal members of their particular species.

And they’re all in there, probably.  Every single species that existed as of five thousand years ago or so is apparently in one of the Aralik Stellae, including all the ones that have since gone extinct.  The full set of Stellae is also pretty much impossible to break up, by the way. People have tried, once they discovered that the Stellae were unbreakable; try to separate one from the others, and it rejoins the others. Somehow.  It’s not science, it’s most definitely not magic, and  any inimical high-entropic interplanar entity summoned in the presence of the Aralik Stellae promptly explodes.  So where do you think it originally came from?

Which is why the Stellae are hidden away in the same place where they put all the other high-powered theurgical artifacts, of course.  This is not a good time to be seen taking that sort of thing literally in a official capacity, despite the fact that the Aralik Stellae could absolutely be used to rescue any number of endangered species, not to mention bring all the other ones back.  Fortunately for the people doing the suppressing: the there are very few groups that are in the middle of the Venn Diagram of ‘direct action environmentalists,’ ‘fervent members of an Abrahamic religion,’ and ‘have the money and resources necessary to raid an Illuminati warehouse.’

Unfortunately for the suppressors: that spot in the middle of the Venn Diagram is not quite empty.


  • acat says:

    … and that brings us to your group!
    Your new boss is David (ahem) Smith, and he’d like all of you to brush up on your Hebrew ..

  • junior says:

    I’m not seeing why this is a problem. I mean, yes, I get the “we don’t want to admit that there might be a higher power” problem. But I’m not seeing a problem with the “extinct species” angle.

    Press Release: Genetech announced today that some time back they found some preserved genetic material for the passenger pigeon. Using that material, they successfully cloned a breeding pair… blah blah blah.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Yeah, but how easy is it to keep a secret like this? Forever? And imagine what happens if you tried, and failed. The freakouts would be even more epic in nature. 🙂

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