A beautiful day for walks, fresh air, and stock market scams by mail.

‘Scam’ is not technically correct, mind you; the mailer I got was probably gone over by a team of experts to make sure than nothing in it was officially illegal. But the whole thing screamed “let’s take advantage of old people looking to invest,” starting with the company’s very name*. I’ve seen subtler partisan Internet trolls.

Guess I’ll be getting stuff like this for the rest of my life, now. But on the bright side, this will have at least one benefit. As I told my wife: if I ever show any signs of reacting favorably to a scam like today’s, I want her to remind me to consult my physician immediately. Jumping quickly on whatever neurological issue was impairing my judgement there just might make the difference.

Moe Lane

PS: It’s a beautiful day out, by the way. Go do something in it.

*They’d probably threaten to sue for libel if I gave it.


  • bensdad00 says:

    Since you’re in the market, would you prefer a pamphlet on Florida Real Estate, or this lovely bridge I have available, or perhaps some oceanfront property in Arizona?

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