The final Avengers: Endgame trailer.

I’ve had a good time on this ride. I gotta say. I’ve gotten my money’s worth.

No real disappointments, no particular lows. I wanted popcorn flicks, they gave me popcorn flicks. And a really good Cold War paranoia spy flick and a bust-out-laughing trippy cosmic buddy movie and a couple of ‘KOWABUNGA, LAWS OF NATURE!*’ blissfully happy superhero romps and, heck, I even liked the ensemble numbers. If they manage to stick the landing, this will be something to brag about. …I want them to be able to brag about it.


Moe Lane

*Classical reference.

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  • Jon says:

    Next Friday for me.

    • MichaelN21209 says:

      We’ve got our tickets for next Thursday… which leads me to the one quibble I have with the trailer — tickets are *not* “available now”, and unless you were on the bounce, you might not have gotten them at all for Opening Night.
      I confess that I did *not* think they were going to be able to make this whole MCU extended collection of movies work. I thought it was going to dissolve into individual threads that were going to mesh poorly together, if at all. I wanted to see how it would work, because I loved the source material, but… I have been *deeply* amazed, and I regret *nothing*. Some were better than others, but this has been a phenomenal investment of my time and money, and I’m just glad that this is the kind of thing my kids get to grow up with, instead of crap like “The Goonies”. Excelsior!

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