Shockingly*, Cyberpunk 2077 will be different than the demo.

Good news is, CD Projekt Red is apparently using the right role models for Cyberpunk 2077:

The developers drew inspiration from past titles, including Vampire Bloodlines, The Elder Scrolls, and Deus Ex. Tomaszkiewicz considers Vampire Bloodlines the “perfect example of a first person game and RPG,” and of course The Elder Scrolls is hugely popular. Cyberpunk 2077 will be less fantasy than The Elder Scrolls, though.

“In short, both Vampire Bloodlines and Deus Ex are my two greatest inspirations,” Tomaszkiewicz says.

I must admit: I haven’t gotten back to Deus Ex yet, and that’s on me. But the Elder Scrolls are how to do open-world RPGs, and Vampire Bloodlines is how to do a video game RPG in general. If they’re trying to match that — and keep in mind that CD Projekt Red’s Witcher series is also one of the industry standards of comparison for computer RPGs, so that studio knows what it’s doing — that is a Good Thing. And a hopeful one.

Moe Lane

PS: Cyberpunk’s eventual release date will not be telegraphed by CDPR, one way or the other. Will it come out in 2021? Maybe. Will it come out at the end of 2019? Maybe. Didn’t they say it wouldn’t come out in 2019? Yup! Do you think that they’re lying? Maybe! Do you think that their fans will still forgive all, if CDPR lies by saying 2021 and then releases in 2019? Why, I already have! Seriously, what’s their downside to simply baldfaced lying about this?

*This is not actually shocking.

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  1. What was the last Deus Ex game that you played?

    I’ve played – and enjoyed – both Human Revolution and Mankind Divided. Both have their own issues. But overall I’d say that they’re both good games. And I’m disappointed that MD seems to have killed the franchise for the time being.

    Of the four PC games (ignoring the mobile game – which I also played), the only one that I was genuinely disappointed with was Invisible War.

    Breach was annoying, though.

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