The Radioactive Bison (and the rest of the Fiasco stuff) Bundle of Holding.

There’s the hard sell, and then there’s this:

Because of a nuclear disaster in 1986, across Belarus, Lithuania, and Poland one can find roaming herds of radioactive bison that are just doing their thing — eating and hanging out with non-radioactive bison, and occasionally getting eaten by wolves or prodded by scientists. This is their story. Radioactive Bison is a one-hour live-action game for 8-19 players in a large room (or a grassy field in Belarus).

I guarantee you that this would be the stupidest thing in the world to do, except for one thing: late Saturday nights at gaming conventions. This would be perfect for that, especially if everybody had a couple of drinks at dinner earlier. You’d end up with a dozen or so people milling about in a room, trying to have philosophical conversations where every other word was “moo,” while whoever was running this thing would be trying to come up with ever-stranger things to have the players do until the hysteria came over all of them like a pitiless wave.

This is one of those concepts that you can’t force, though. It works, or it doesn’t. And if it does, it can’t be duplicated, only remembered afterward, wistfully.

Moe Lane