“‘Salem’s Lot” coming to the big screen.

‘Salem’s Lot has gone to the small screen twice, as a miniseries: I remember the first one. Well, actually, I remember that it sucked. Although I may be remembering a different miniseries that sucked, since it was done in 1979 and I was busy being nine at the time. Anyway, they’re making an actual movie.

Stephen King’s vampire novel Salem’s Lot is heading to the big screen.

James Wan and Gary Dauberman, the respective producer and writer collaborators behind many of the biggest hits of theConjuring horror universe, are teaming to adapt the novel for New Line.  

Dauberman will write the script and serve as executive producer. Wan will produce, along with Roy Lee and Mark Wolper.

‘Salem’s Lot was the first Stephen King book I ever read; it was in college, and I remember freaking out somebody who couldn’t believe that I could have read 430 pages in a single evening*. I had to narrate the plot back to him before he’d believe that I did it. Anyway: great vampire book, looking forward to it being on the big screen, I hope that it doesn’t suck.

Moe Lane

*At the time, I had a reading speed that was somewhere between ten and fifteen times as fast as an unmodified human. I assume that I’ve slowed down since then, now that I no longer need that ability to essentially cruise through a BA in English.


  • Jeff Weimer says:

    I’ve read single sitting The Caine Mutiny in 8 hours.
    I just couldn’t put it down, even when I knew what would happen next. It earned that Pulitzer, I tell you.

  • Belcatar says:

    Uh…huhhuh…he said “suck.” And we was talking about Vampires.
    Yeah…hehehe…that’s cool. Vampires suck.

    This will probably not be as amusing to me tomorrow morning, when I have had some sleep.

  • Daniel Wallace says:

    I remember the mini series in 1979 with David Soul being scary (and good), but I was also 9 then.

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