ID Generator [TL10] [GURPS 4e]

ID Generator [TL10]

Description: a oblong box with a strap, usually disguised as some sort of travel bag.  There are slots at the top for putting in raw materials, and a hopper for extruding badges, papers, and other forms of identification.  An extendable computer network cord with a memory-metal universal interface can also be extended from the top of the ID Generator. The box is usually covered with a bag that doubles as a solar panel for recharging.  $20,000, 5 lbs, C/1 week, LC1.

This device is designed to create false identities in cultures ranging from TL6 to TL8.  At TL6, this mostly involves creating perfectly forged primary documents (typically, birth certificates), but can also be used to create ID badges.  When dealing with TL7 technology, an ID Generator can also insert perfect computer database records into a computer or digital database, provided that it is directly linked into the system.  An ID Generator more or less ignores all security protocols and electronic defenses used in TL8; it can seamlessly introduce a new identity into any and all networked systems, down to biometric information.  As a side effect of all of this, an ID Generator can also act as an Electronic Lockpick [GURPS Ultra-Tech, page 95] and Variable Lockpick [page 96], for locks at TL8 and below.  The device can be used on TL9 database systems, but doing so requires Electronics Operation (Security) rolls, at the usual -1 to skill for the TL disparity.  

ID Generators are normally items restricted to interstellar or interdimensional groups that have to work in ‘primitive’ locations.  They’re not quite military or government-only, but it’s not easy for private organizations to acquire one. And losing one will usually result in awkward questions being asked.

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