Avengers: Endgame gets a 1.2 billion opening weekend.


Avengers: Endgame shattered the bounds of realistic opening weekend predictions this weekend, with a towering $350 million domestic and $1.2 billion in its global debut. Of note, 45% of that came from 3-D showings around the world while $91.5 million came from IMAX (double their previous opening weekend record) and even 4DX earned $15 million globally on the title.

Domestically, the film earned a 2.23x multiplier (not bad considering the numbers) and snagged the biggest Thursday preview ($60 million), the biggest “pure Friday” ($96.7 million), the biggest single-day gross ($156.7 million on Friday counting the previews), the biggest Saturday ($109 million, down just 31% from Friday) and biggest Sunday grosses ($84.3 million) even when adjusted for inflation.


As Forbes noted later in the article, this didn’t happen in a vacuum. Disney-Marvel put the work in for over a decade, and now they’re getting their payoff. Shoot, if they didn’t get a single additional dime in revenue 1.2 billion would still be enough to pop the champagne corks over at Disney. But they’ll happily take another billion or so, if people insist. It’s only polite, after all.

Moe Lane

PS: I kind of want to see it again, except that I want to see it with the ability to see all the Easter Eggs that they slipped into this movie. They slipped ALL the Easter Eggs into this movie, you see. We’re talking deep dives into, well, everything.


  • Aetius451AD says:

    Tell a good story. Give us good characters we like and root for. Slip in a ‘There’s only one God Ma’am- and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress that way!’ and you really have something.
    Good on them, but they forget the formula at their peril.

  • 1_rick says:

    Went to the theater today to see Hellboy: 8:55 showing, which is unusual for Dallas. The parking lot was half full, which was a big surprise. Then I discovered there was a 7:45 or so showing of Avengers.

    My ticket was $6. Avengers was like $9.25, although it was 2D Imax.

    I was the only person going to Hellboy, so the ticket booth guy was like “no point in picking a seat.” The ticket taker looked at my ticket and actcually said “Hellboy, really? Not Avengers?”

    So. Hellboy was…different…from the other two. I liked it, though.

  • jeboyle says:

    1.2 billion for the weekend? Wow.

    Hellboy: that’s encouraging, I haven’t heard that much about this 3rd movie.

  • Jon says:

    It was a beautiful movie.

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