City of Heroes has an unsanctioned server. For now.

Via Do-Gooder Press, here’s the website with the details. I never actually played City of Heroes, so I don’t know how big a deal this is. Or how permanent it’s going to be, either. It may be that the owners of the IP will have it yanked, post-haste; it may also be that the owners won’t care, or are keeping in mind that this way they’ll have a seed colony for whatever superhero-themed MMO they might want to make later. You downloads your source code and you takes your chances.

Moe Lane

PS: I’d probably do a blaster of some sort. With maybe some tech, or stealth. Nothing too overpowered.


  • Luke says:

    Eh. Supers are not really conducive to this format. Kewl Powerz and fantasy of power are fun and important, but it’s relationships that drive the genre.
    (Shrug) Most people don’t watch Professional Wrestling to see two half-naked men slap the sweat off each other. They watch for the drama. It’s a soap opera, for guys.

  • Compound says:

    “I don’t know how big a deal this is.”
    It’s a very big deal. From the second NCSoft announced that they were shutting CoH down, folks have been trying to save it. Immediate, and repeated, attempts to buy the IP. 3 Kickstarter backed projects to attempt to bring back the spirit of the game. A few years back when Paragon Chat was announced, that was a big deal. (Paragon Chat is just the you can walk around in the city and use the chat feature. No powers.) All through this time, we were told “Nope. Gone forever. No one even has the code for it, yet alone is running a server.” So, yeah. The fact that there’s been a server up and running secretly for the past 7 years and no one at all leaked that info is pretty astounding. Folks have been doing cartwheels about the news.
    As for NCSoft using it as a seed for a future game, nah. Let me use a comparison. If NCSoft were running a PNP RPG company, they’d react like “Well, Delta Green made a profit, but not as big of a profit as we wanted. So, we’re ending the line and burning all our remaining backstock of the books. Sell the line? No. That would create competition for our other RPGs.” They’re very much in the “We bought this. You can’t have it” camp.

  • Luke says:

    BTW, if you like the Supers genre, I highly recommend Michael Stackpole’s “In Hero Years… I’m Dead!”
    The guy groks the genre. He plays it straight, then expertly deconstructs it, then (and most importantly) he takes the parts and reconstructs it with extra awesome.

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