Tweet of the Day, …Whoa edition.

It all makes sense now.


  • Belcatar says:

    Doesn’t work. Not everyone in John Wick’s world is an assassin. In fact, most people in John Wick’s world are not assassins. His wife was not an assassin. The guy working at the gas station wasn’t an assassin. The bad guy in the first movie wasn’t an assassin. He had never even heard of John Wick until his dad told him the story. The hotel concierge doesn’t appear to be one, nor is the doctor who patches up Wick in the hotel room.

    If everyone was an assassin, nobody would be shooting guns because there wouldn’t be anyone to make bullets.

    This type of thing is really fun to argue about.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Fair points, but the kid from the first film is clearly somebody who fast-forwards through the cutscenes.

      • Belcatar says:

        Because how could you grow up in that guy’s family without hearing the name “John Wick”?

        If Hugo Weaving appears in Parabellum, it might lend credence to the Matrix Theory. Or it could open a whole Lord of the Rings Urban Fantasy can of worms. You never know.

  • jeboyle says:

    PLEASE stop, Belcatar. Please.

    My grip on reality is tenuous enough as it is. I’m still trying to recover from the Howard the Duck easter egg…and No, Moe, a good Howard the Duck movie is impossible in ANY splinter of the Multiverse.

    Dear Lord, now you have ME doing it…

  • Luke says:

    I endorse the thought of The Matrix having sequels that don’t suck.
    Even if much straw-clutching is required.

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