Watch me pass along a Cyberpunk 2077 rumor!

I actually try to avoid doing these, because I rather badly want to play Cyberpunk 2077 and I know it. I therefore try not to buy into any random rumor coming down the pike. Of course, the idea that we’d get a trailer and a release date from CD Projekt Red at E3 this year is a bit more than a ‘rumor;’ it’s close to being an ‘educated guess.’ When CDPR shows up for their presentation nobody’s going to care about any other game that they’re doing right now. We’re going to want to see stuff about Cyberpunk 2077. It’s just good business sense to show us something, hey?

Yeah, yeah, I know. Grasping at straws. Still, I built this new game around the game’s likely performance requirements. I’m kind of committed at this point.

Moe Lane


  • junior says:

    They pretty much have to show something. They could always decide otherwise, but…

    The last time they showed anything was a year ago. The long trailer that they released was essentially the same thing that they showed at E3. And ever since then, there’s been almost nothing. To compound matters, I occasionally see theories popping up about how the game is in trouble because of this, or because of that.

    So I think they need to show it off if only to shut up the naysayers.

    • Luke says:

      The naysayers cannot be silenced so easily.
      Especially when they have such a track record of being proven right.
      Anthem had a “gameplay” trailer for a game that did not yet exist, even in rudimentary form.
      Fallout 76 was a sad joke.
      Sea of Thieves.
      Battlefront 2.
      Destiny 2.
      Battlefield 2.
      No Man’s Sky.
      And on.
      And on.
      And on.

    • junior says:

      Yeah, this is a bit late. But I’m posting it anyway.

      Word is that CDPR will be showing off the game at E3. Still not playable, but different demoes depending on whether you’re seeing the public demo or the closed door version.

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