The Terminator: Dark Fate trailer.

Or, as @EsotericCD put it: “Terminator 6: So very, very tired.”

Don’t get me wrong; if they Loganed this then Terminator: Dark Fate could very easily not suck. Or am I just being a sucker? I may be just being a sucker. All I know is, I’ve wanted just one more decent movie out of this franchise for a while now, and Linda Hamilton looks the part, at least. So hope springs eternal, what-what?


  • Jon says:

    Tim Miller’s work on Deadpool gives me some hope it won’t suck, but we’ll see.

  • Aetius451AD says:

    Trailers almost always look 90% better than the finished full length product.
    Terminator has burned me before.
    I am not sure how much is here aside from: Look, it’s Linda Hamilton! Old Arnold!
    They seem to be trying to up the ante as far as danger from the evil Terminator, but like with 3, they are not really hitting the mark here. He can split in two! But the extra can be blown up easily for an entrance by Linda Hamilton.

    • Jon says:

      At this point a movie as bad as T3 would be watchable for me, but YMMV. I checked out after Salvation. Funny that the arcade game for Salvation was actually more fun, but it’s seriously dating me because it was an arcade game in a movie theater.

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