My mini-review of Detective Pikachu.

Short version: I liked it, and so did the kid. Well, one of them. The other one went home with Mom because this was an experiment.

Slightly longer version: …not much else than that, really. Detective Pikachu is an enjoyable kid’s movie that ignores the videogame movie curse and provides solid enjoyment. Especially if you know all the Pokemon, which my kid apparently does. He knows many more than I do, that’s for sure. Humor is kid-friendly, with any jokes for grown-ups sailing safely over their heads; Ryan Reynolds can be properly smug about the fact that he nailed the role (can’t wait for the in-joke in Deadpool 3).

I’m not saying go watch this even if you hate Pokemon, but you don’t have to hide from it when it hits Netflix or Prime or whatever. It’s pretty good! Very twisty.