The E3 Cyberpunk 2077 trailer (including release date).

April 16, 2020. Surprise voice actor in the trailer. Seems pretty pumped about it, too.


  • Compound says:

    …and a hint of the Cyber Generation nanite powers in there too. Interesting.
    Also interesting, R. Talsorian started giving a lore dump on Johnny Silverhand just after this trailer…

  • junior says:

    I was just coming over to see if you’d seen this yet. Fortunately, you have.

    Nice video. I’m glad we’ve got less than a year to go until release.

    And the surprise was great!

  • junior says:

    So, this link here –


    The first half is the same stuff that’s in the link above, minus the release date. And then when the trailer ends (which is about halfway through the video) we switch to the camera in the auditorium where the video was played.

    And Keanu Reeves walks out on stage.

    He gives a very short spiel about the game (if you’re a fan of Keanu, you might enjoy it; otherwise, there’s not much there). And then he asks if everyone wants to know the release date. The crowd roars “Yes!”, and he points back to the main screen.

    What follows is a short (roughly a minute or so) sequence of very short gameplay snippets that I haven’t seen anywhere else so far. And, of course, it ends with the release date.

  • BigFire says:

    If CD Projekt RED is following the tabletop game Cyberpunk 2020, Johnny Silverhand died on a mission in 2024, long before 2077. Albeit, the reason why he died was during a mission to break into Arasaki Arcology and he may have been disincorporated as a ghost in the net via a technology developed by his ex-girlfriend.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      My only concern about how much attention to pay to the existing lore for this one is that the people who follow the lore more closely than I do don’t end up grinding their teeth at the changes.

      • BigFire says:

        The maker of the tabletop game is making an update version call Cyberpunk RED, which I’m guessing is what the actual lore CD Projekt RED is using, which will update some of the settings. According to the previous trailer it was mentioned offhand that Johnny Silverhand died recently. The soulkiller program developed by Alt Cunningham (Johnny’s Ex) was a major plot device in the original game, and I fully expect to see it in this game as well.

        Johnny Silverhand, Morgan Blackhand and Saburo Arasaka are the three possible childhood heroes V can have during the character creation.

      • junior says:

        Lore within the setting has changed in the past, most recently as a result of the Cyberpunk v3.0 mess. That entire edition was moved to its own “parallel reality” following its poor reception. So I wouldn’t get too hung up about pre-existing storylines.

        Mike Pondsmith will be releasing a new edition of the pencil and paper RPG called Cyberpunk Red (it’s supposed to be essentially the 2020 version of the game), and will have control over the setting until 2070. CDPR gets it after that date. So the existing timeline might change yet again.

        As for Johnny Silverhand…

        The singer first showed up in a story in the first (black box) edition. So far as I know, that story (which is about his girlfriend and the rather nasty black ice she created) is still canon. And iirc, that edition of the game was set around 2013.


        All I have to say is that if Keanu Reeves is the original Johnny Silverhand, then he’s looking pretty good for a guy who’s over 80 years old…

    • junior says:


      Apparently observant individuals noticed that in the game play video released last year, there’s confirmation that Johnny is indeed dead. Specifically, he died in 2076. If CDPR hasn’t changed that, then presumably he missed his 2024 death date.

      People have also noticed that Johnny flickers during the segment when you meet him at the end of the trailer. Many have started to speculate that Johnny’s an AI on the chip that you had to recover. Those with long memories and a past with the setting are starting to think about – as you did – a certain piece of modified black ice called Soulkiller, and a certain Ms. Cunningham who developed it.

      On another note, it’s been noted that the fixer in the trailer sounds suspiciously like Mike Pondsmith. There’s also speculation (for reasons I won’t get into here) that a fellow by the name of Morgan Blackhand might make an appearance in the game. Morgan Blackhand was Mike Pondsmith’s personal character. If he does appear, and Pondsmith isn’t voicing him, then hopefully there’s a very good reason for that.

      • BigFire says:

        Morgan Blackhand is one of the 3 possible childhood heroes V can choose during character creation. Johnny Silverhand and Saburo Arasaka are the other two. If they cast Keanu Reeves as Johnny Silverhand, who are they going to cast as Blackhand and Arasaka?

        • Moe_Lane says:

          If he’s one of the options, I feel sorry for the actors playing the other two parts.

        • junior says:

          There’s a definite argument to letting Mike Pondsmith voice Morgan Blackhand (though since Blackhand is not black, Pondsmith’s likeness wouldn’t be used). Your guess is as good as mine where Arasaka-sama might be concerned.

  • BigFire says:

    More details have come out on the E3 gameplay demo (only available to those in E3 2019). Johnny Silverhand is indeed a chip personality extracted via Soulkiller program. The demo shows an infiltration mission in the Pacifica slum where CDPR have both male V (netrunner build) and female V (strength build). The netrunner build basically sneak through the backdoor and hack various devices to get the objective. The strength build went through the front door, yank a machine gun turret off the wall and wasted the whole front defense.

    They also shows that if V got proper cybernetic upgrade, they’ll be able to have automatic translation via subtitle of various people who don’t necessary speak English. Pacifica is populated with large portion of Haitians.

  • junior says:

    Interview with Mike Pondsmith, the creator of Cyberpunk, for Playstation Access –


    He refuses to confirm or deny whether Johnny Silverhand is still alive. But he does note that they never bothered to check Johnny’s body.

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