My mini-review of Men in Black: International.

Short version: It Did Not Suck.

Slightly longer version: OK, Men in Black: International will not be on anybody’s Oscar shortlist, but it wasn’t bad for what it was. And what it was was probably Chris and Tessa sitting around on the set of Thor: Ragnarok one day and one of them said Hey, wouldn’t it be great if we did another movie together? and then the other one said Oh, yeah, that would be cool! And then they realized that Chris actually had a bit of pull right now, and they could maybe actually do that, and then somebody’s agent said You know, they’re thinking of redoing Men in Black, and then things went from there.

All in all, not a bad weekday matinee. The two work well together. It was not egregious. If you wanted to see it, you should like it. Don’t worry about missing it if you’d rather not.


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