Is Dead By Daylight any good?

I apparently just got a free copy of Dead By Daylight from NVIDIA for being such a valued customer; which is odd, because I go entire weeks without once contemplating who it is that makes my video cards. Indeed, what I value most about my relationship with my computer parts can be best described via a Ron Swanson clip:

Then again, so many things can be best described via a Ron Swanson clip. Anyway, does the game suck? I mean, I’m getting it for free and out of the blue.

Moe Lane

PS: Also, Shadow of Mordor, but I have that already. Maybe I should actually play it, I dunno.

PPS: Because maybe some of you are unaware of your status of valued NVIDIA customers, too. Check your emails, I guess?


  • Compound says:

    Mordor is quite good. If you enjoyed the first one, you’ll enjoy this.
    DbD is… interesting. It’s got some balance issues where sometimes the killers are way too overpowered and other times they couldn’t kill a kitten. And there’s a bit of a learning curve these days as a lot of these folks have been running around in game for over 3 years and well, you haven’t. So you’ll likely die a lot more often than you’ll like until you start to figure stuff out. Or if you’re the killer, you may be frustrated for a while. But it still has 35-40,000 people playing it at a time, so it’s not a dead game.

  • Luke says:

    Anthem update: the bug fixes pushed out yesterday broke it worse.
    Supposedly, one of the major fixes was to matchmaking. I saw no evidence of that, but admittedly didn’t test it very throughly because of the new and exciting ways for the game to crash. (Do not try to craft three consumables sequentially. You’ll have to force-close the program to break the loop.)
    At this point, I’m more than half-convinced that Bioware hates the game, wants it to die in a fire, but is contractually required to keep supporting it until EA pulls the plug.

    • Luke says:

      I’ll check on it occasionally, but my masochism has pretty much reached its limit.
      I’m back playing Titanfall 2. I’m loving the quick loading, fast (skill-based!) matchmaking, no crashes, no framerate stutter, and no lag.
      I’m rusty and can’t consistently chain wallruns and powerslides around the map, much less accurately snapshoot while doing so, but it feels soooooo gooood.

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