Is Just Cause 4 any good?

I ask because I just watched this about the second Just Cause

…and while I gather that Just Cause 4 had problems on release the nigh-painful laughter that I had from watching the above video suggests that I might want to hope that the problems got fixed? I mean, according to the static picture the hero’s riding a fighter jet like it’s a sandworm. I respect anything comfortable enough with itself to be that forthrightly insane.


  • Compound says:

    Honestly? All the Just Causes after the first have embraced the insanity. 2 was “Go bezerk overthrowing a dictator on Cubaraguador” 3 was more of the same cranked up a bit in the Med and 4 was down in South America. 4 tossed in “Do the stuff you did in 3, but this time during a tornado cluster that makes Twister seem like a calm Spring day.”
    that being said, according to the recent reviews, 4 is better but still not up to snuff. You might want to wait for the Steam Summer sale, which is a few weeks off. However, right now, there’s an Edios sale on Steam so the first three games in the series are $6 *combined.* If you pick up JC2 for $1.50 or JC3 for twice that, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll get the purchase prices out of either of those. And they are indeed very, very explodey games.

    • Compound says:

      Follow up note- These are rated “M” for a reason. Make sure the kiddies are not around while playing. the bodycount is a wee bit high.

    • junior says:

      Word is that the Steam Summer Sale will start this coming week (the 25th, iirc). Vendors usually get a heads up before hand, and word gets out due to this.

      As for the games –

      I have the second game (and possibly the first; if so, I picked it up both massively discounted at the same time). As mentioned, it’s completely over the top. And if something in the game can’t be destroyed, then that’s probably be cause it’s required for one of the missions.


      It’s one of those game series that’s always struck me as “should be doing better than it is”. But then again, I thought the same about Sleeping Dogs.

  • Aetius451AD says:

    Moe, did you get in on the Sony sale on PS4 for their ‘Hits’? Managed to pick up Uncharted 4 and Horizon Zero Dawn.
    Uncharted 4 was better than 3, IMO. Graphically beautiful. Puzzles that are not really puzzles.
    Horizon Zero Dawn. I dunno, I like the game, but the story is more than a bit… off. I get the premise, but the ‘solution’ seems a bit defeatist to me. Not to mention other story bits that make me go ‘Someone had their cup of nihilism this morning.’

    • junior says:

      Yeah, Horizon Zero Dawn…

      The gameplay’s a lot of fun. But the backstory just plain sucks. And it’s not just the primary backstory. The secondary storyline that you get through the overlooks ends on an upbeat note… until you find another item somewhere else that talks about what happened after the final overlook narration.

      Makes you wonder what they’re going to do for a downer in the inevitable sequel.

  • Gnarledhotep says:

    I got JC2 for “free” with a video card purchase, and I played the heck out of it. The absurdity of action movie “physics” combined with the general silliness of fragging everything made for many hours of gameplay. The story itself was a bit weak, but even that fits the cheesy ’80’s action flick mentality.

    I purchased JC3, and I enjoyed it more than JC2, although the DLC adds some very unbalanced sci-fi weapons (though they are more late-game). The game does add some “capture territory” mechanics that work, for the most part. You have rebels who hold territory, although there’s no dynamic like the bad guy recapturing that turf.

    I held off on JC4 because of the DRM, a number of graphical glitches, and because it appears they’ve tweaked some of the more entertaining mechanics (I don’t get to carry frag grenades now? And no C4 packs?). I’ve heard a few things good about it post-release, so I’m probably going to get it next time it comes up for sale.

  • Belcatar says:

    I only played Just Cause 3 on PS4. If you just want to blow stuff up and be the star of your own 80s action movie, play that game. It’s every bit as insane as the Honest Trailer makes it out to be. Which is a compliment.

    I have a feeling number 4 is even more insane than 3 was.

    • Belcatar says:

      The intro of Just Cause 3 has Rico riding on the wings of a big prop plane shooting a rocket launcher with infinite ammo at ground targets.

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