Quote of the Day, This Is Terrifyingly On-Message For the @YellowKingRPG edition.

I mean. Dear God. You read this happening in a story, you immediately plan to burn the entire print run. Or you don’t, and pay the price for it. Background: shipping on the Yellow King RPG is delayed. Why? Well…

Eventually, by contacting the print company’s generic [email protected] email, Simon managed to track down the Managing Director of the company while I was at UK Games Expo. She knew nothing about us, or the YKRPG; we inferred from what she said that our print liaison had left the company rather suddenly due to mental health issues, leaving a lot of money owed and contracts breached, in his wake. It was only by sending through photos of our books that we were able to discover that the books were all printed, but had been put into storage, with no understanding of who they were for or what was to be done with them.

Note that this isn’t funny. Mental health issues typically aren’t, unless they’re yours and you have a taste for dark humor. But it’s kind of spooky as heck. Possibly a bit too much, considering the source material.

Moe Lane

PS: The first time I tried to publish this… my Internet conked out. Yeah. Not weird at all, that.


  • nicklevi86 says:

    This printing company wouldn’t happen to be near the Zombie/Mummy Cicada patch would it?

  • Rockphed says:

    This is either the absolute best marketing strategy or the absolute worst run of luck for a Cthulhu adjacent RPG. I hope the guy gets proper mental care.

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