My mini Spider-Man: Far From Home review.

Short version: It Did Not Suck. It was rather nice, in fact. I was sold on these kids being sixteen.

Slightly longer version: Spider-Man: Far From Home is a lot like Spider-Man in the post-Blip MCU universe; now on its own, missing all of the heavy hitters that could take the slack previously, and fighting a screaming case of impostor syndrome. But it — and he — does all right, in the end. It helps that you can believe that Peter and the rest are all really just kids, which makes all of their fumbling around and trying to express their fairly complicated emotional load fun to watch, in only a mildly sadistic way.

What else? Good villain, good motivations, and there was one thing that stopped bugging me as soon as I got an explanation. Can’t say more, because spoilers. Oh, and there’s a thing that we’re going to get. Not the Thing, just a thing. Also can’t say because spoilers. And MJ is a hell of a lot less annoying in this movie. Which was nice.

All in all, I had a good time.

3 thoughts on “My mini Spider-Man: Far From Home review.”

  1. MJ is a weird case. You played Spider-Man ps4, no? I am not sure what the writers did there, but they somehow managed to make a character voiced by Laura Bailey not attractive in any way. It is almost perfect, in it’s horrible way.
    In Homecoming, she did not do a whole lot either way, so she was kind of ‘neutral’ to my mind.

  2. A solid B performance from all, and they made MJ an actual character unlike the collection of stereotypes in the first. Some clunkers but they paid off most if not all of the what was set up, which is always nice.

  3. Very impressed what they did with Mysterio’s powers, and the callbacks to minor roles in previous movies was very well done.
    Also a big fan of the after-credits scene.

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