I’m back, and, hey, in soccer news: we won another Women’s World Cup.

The USA — as is only proper — has won the Women’s World Cup for the second time in a row… how often do they do this soccer thing again? Every four years? Well, that seems dumb. They should have it every year. They might get more people in the USA watching it if they did.

…Oh, I’m sorry: does my indifference to the intricacies of international soccer annoy those abroad, particularly since I’m persistently calling this sport by its American name? Well, if it does, then I’ll say what I said the last time the USA — as is only proper — won the Women’s World Cup: maybe certain folks should spend less time being annoyed, and more time winning. Because it’s a lot of fun, winning. I heartily recommend it.

Moe Lane

PS: Well, they can always try to wipe the smirk off of my face the next time there’s a Women’s World Cup. Four years from now. Seriously, this seems kind of slow-motion.


  • Luke says:

    The America’s Cup is much more interesting, anyway.

  • Rockphed says:

    I would have to look it up (which I don’t care enough to do), but I think we have won 6 of the 8 women’s world cups. It is to the point that the women’s soccer team is asking for a raise because they think the men’s team is a bunch of slackers.

    • Luke says:

      We have a men’s team?
      Of course, I didn’t know we had a women’s team until a couple of weeks ago.
      But that’s ok, I’ll likely manage to forget their existence within a few days.
      “You must be more like the countries your ancestors fled” is an argument I find uncompelling.
      They also had a game there where your hands were tied behind your back, and you tried to headbutt a cat to death. In a world where the alternative was soccer, I can see how that would be preferable.

  • Finrod says:

    It’s still metric football to me.

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